Many people in the spiritual world think that everyone has an aura, an energy field that emits a certain hue and surrounds them. While not normally visible to the human eye, the hue of an aura, whether it’s green, blue, indigo, or a rainbow of colors, can be photographed and examined through an aura reading. Though not a scientific method, reading the color of your aura is supposed to provide insight into your spiritual and emotional condition, and it may be a useful tool for introspection and meditation. Your aura represents your current level of energy. Many of us have colors in our auras, or bubbles of energy, that occur more frequently than others.

Understanding the meaning of your aura hue may be a great tool for self-discovery. If you frequently notice purple in your aura, you may be curious about the meaning of purple aura. Purple auras are very perceptive and spiritual.

What does a purple aura mean?

People with purple aura are extraordinarily in tune with all emotions, both their own and those of everyone with whom they come into contact. They can sense what others are experiencing, including their anxieties, goals, worries, wants, and more without having to concentrate on it. Furthermore, they are incredibly perceptive, to the point of having true psychic skills, and are one of the aura colors most strongly associated with heavenly or realm entities such as angels, departed souls, and so on.

Furthermore, purple-aura individuals are incredibly loyal, compassionate, kind, and honest and are drawn to simplicity in their homes, work settings, relationships, and so on. Nature is also a significant lure for these people since it arguably reduces life to its most basic form. And perhaps, most importantly people with purple aura almost always behave for the betterment of others and mankind as a whole in almost all they do.

Your Health and a Purple Aura

Purple auras are commonly connected with mental wellness and the crown chakra. As a result, people with purple aura should pay special attention to their mental health, including, but not limited to, how they handle their emotions, whether they have frequent migraines if they have dis-coordination, seizures or any other mental disorders. If this is the case, it may be an indication that some life adjustments are required, as well as energy cleaning. Practicing mental relaxation techniques daily, meditation ,for example, ensuring that there are special coping mechanisms present wherever and whenever possible, and making sure there is ample downtime where they can be alone with their thoughts and emotions, without having to feel or experience anyone else’s on top of them are all important for purple aura people.

Making meals known to improve one’s brainpower, a regular component of your healthy, daily diet would be very advantageous. This implies that coffee, blueberries, almonds, and even dark chocolate should be a part of your routine if you want to live your best life.

Relationships and a Purple Aura

When it comes to relationships and love, people with a purple aura should be aware of three main key points. Firstly, because purple aura individuals are so concerned with helping others, they will frequently marry to make someone else’s life easier, but they should not. It’s wonderful to care so passionately about others that you are ready to go to any length to aid them, but this should never come at the price of one’s well-being. 

Denying yourself love means denying yourself one of the most powerful and beautiful sorts of magic on the planet, especially one so profoundly tied to all things magical. Furthermore, it does not benefit the other person in the long term. They, too, are entitled to the amazing experience that is love. So, even if it is tough and painful to say when it comes to love relationships, purple aura individuals need to think about themselves a little more! Third, when someone with a purple aura falls in love, they love wholeheartedly and without reservation. They give everything to their spouse and when it’s appropriate and the love is genuine on both sides, they are reenergized in return by being loved and understood by their mate.

Self-Care and a Purple Aura

One of the most crucial things a person with a purple aura must learn is how to give themselves time to rejuvenate and process all they feel. Because these people are so sensitive to all of the emotions and energy surrounding them, they must learn to position themselves in environments where they feel most free and content. It needs self-awareness and the capacity to trust one’s feelings about what will and will not be right for one to realize when something is destructive to them despite how beneficial it may be to someone else. It also requires learning to say no to others, even if those asking for time and/or resources are doing so out of genuine need or even a genuine desire to spend time with them.

Different types of purple aura

Dark purple:

A dark purple aura indicates difficulty on your spiritual path. This might indicate that you are in a tough circumstance in some situations. In others, it suggests that you have chosen a life decision that is not in line with your soul’s actual aspirations. Take some time to reflect on your life and ask yourself whether you are making decisions that seem correct because they provide immediate satisfaction or those that accord with your inner truth.


A light purple/lavender aura indicates a person who is exceptionally imaginative and creative. These daydreamers are frequently drawn to artistic pursuits such as painting, dance, writing, or music production. Lavender is a cheerful hue, and although these individuals may appear distant at times owing to their continual thinking and active imagination, they live rich and joyful lives.


A person with light purple energy in their auric field has established a balance between spiritual intuition and physical plane knowledge. These are persons who can retain a spiritual connection to the astral body plane while simultaneously creating a deep emotional connection to the reality around them.


When a person’s physical body is in agony or discomfort, their energy field can become dimmer. This can cause a diversion from purple shades’ natural intuitive powers, making it difficult to reach their spiritual knowledge.

People with purple auras are among the kindest, caring, and ready to assist others. They want everyone to be happy and prosper in surroundings where there is a lot of peace. These are people who see and feel a lot and can aid profound healing in others because they are highly attuned to other people’s feelings and spiritually linked to their centers. However, they must practice enough self-care and compassion so that they can continue on their journey of healing and enlightenment without becoming exhausted.