Knowing about Auras

Aura is a spirited color that comprises energy that flows around every living or nonliving thing. Aura is a Greek word that indicates emotions and vibes, or if we make it simple aura is a feeling and quality that surrounds the person or comes from the person or place.

Have you ever wondered, how you guessed all things that are still in the mind of your friend? Or have you just met a person and immediately started getting bad/good vibes? You are not a mind reader but this is Aura. Every Individual release energy good or bad. Before shaking a hand even, auras interact, creating a vibe for each person. Though it’s a spiritual energy that cannot be seen with the naked eye but can be justified with emotions, feelings, and senses.

As human beings, we transmit low energy that creates electromagnetic fields. Auras are defined in Hindu Scriptures that energy divided into 7 layers that interact and form mental, physical, and spiritual health. It is generally accepted every living thing including plants, flowers, animals, and human beings have an aura, the frequency to transmit vibes and energy of their self-being.

Sensing auras can have much more clarity about the personality of a person, as it connects with the atmosphere and people around. The exhibition of the auras helps individuals decide what are the possible outcomes and results from the person while experiencing the vibes inner.

Aura is associated with different colors, each color comprises different perspectives and offerings. The auras are never constant but keep evolving around the colors simultaneously. Though there are eleven elementary colors of the aura.

Colors of Aura and What they Mean

The auras are found to be in eleven basic colors which explain the vibes and energy the person is receiving or perceiving from the surroundings. The colors are

A red aura is known to be an energetic aura, it describes a person as a doer. An individual with a red aura is quicker at putting words into actions

Black aura represents that the person is ambiguous or not clear about what is going through them, this does not represent black aura stands sign of something dark or terrifying usually misinterpreted.

Orange aura is associated with creativity, it also tends that person is eager to learn from experiences rather than theory.

Green aura is associated with heart, kindness, and love, creating positive vibes for other people to trust.

Yellow aura describes a person who is going through a charismatic personality that may attract different people around.

White is the rarest aura, it reflects perfection and senses the connection of something greater than their self-being.

An Indigo aura is a sign of an empathic person, the aura created for the person who absorbs feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

Blue aura specifies that the individual has a powerful mind and is very insightful creating enormous ideas.

Pink aura indicates a person is going through a personality in which self-obsession takes place, loving themselves and compassion with themselves.

Purple aura gains a lot of attention as it’s associated with strong intuitions, deep mental thoughts, and sensitivity

Rainbow aura comprises mostly two colors that combine and creates energy, the individual might feel confident and energized with rainbow aura.

What Does a Black Aura

Many times Black aura is misinterpreted and affiliated with something dark or maybe black magic, That’s not true, everyone goes through a phase where things get excruciatingly hard and unclear. This sign is to take some actions to create a positive aroma, not to panic or stress. Infamous black auras are negative vibes but not dark souls, they are the reflection of a person going through tough times naturally when bad things and feelings are associated with the individual’s life. If an individual is going through the times like sorrow, fear, regret, doubt, worry, and any negative emotion.

It always feels like the negative time will stay forever for anyone suffering from it, but in actuality, it doesn’t!  Black aura also doesn’t last forever, constant changes in the mind and feelings change the aura. The most unique thing about the black aura is it does not radiate its energy outward but inflows internally making people more saddened and helpless, but it’s a response of every individual to deal with a black aura.

Most of the time people interact with black aura for a short term, once they dealt with an ambiguous feeling black aura is replaced with a positive one but underestimating black aura can affect self-being and others around.

Sometimes, a black aura does show negative energies that may be brought upon by some selfish or unkind act that you have committed. However, it does not mean that you will forever have that black aura instead, it is your chance to change your aura by doing some selfless acts and getting your positivity back. Sometimes, it can also mean that you are holding on to something, baggage, that is dragging you down and it’s affecting you in the worst way possible so, you need to let it go.

Is Aura Real?

There is no significant evidence for the existence of aura, but that’s the spiritual belief, many people who have different beliefs and practices all around the world believe auras to be real but they all carry a different perspective of auras. All the objects create energy that flows around them and that energy can create an impression for them before you really get to know them. A lot of people believe that the auras you get from someone are linked to your gut feelings and that it’s just your body’s way of warning you about what’s to come.


Everybody doesn’t believe in aura some people believe but yet are blurred that auras don’t represent self-being. The different auras have diverse perspectives and may vary according to practices. Black aura doesn’t represent an evil aura but it is natural. Understanding self-aura can be quite difficult, but there are certain methods to disclose it.  The colors are interpreted to see the pattern and create a sense of personality. Auras can change consistently and instantly depending on your feelings and thoughts, they can be purified of cleaned with medication and therapies. The black aura is different from other colors it absorbs the energy which enhances feelings of sadness and loneliness.