The Red string theory or Red thread of fate is believed to be an East Asian notion. It originated from Chinese mythology and is widely followed by Japanese and Korean cultures. This theory claims that an invisible red string is around the finger of those who are bound to be together, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. These two people who are connected by an invisible thread will meet each other, no matter the circumstances, it is believed that thread can be stretched, gets tangled, or twisted, but it can never break and the connected souls will spend their life together. According to the Chinese myth, it is tied to the ankles of the two destined to be together people, whereas, in Japanese culture, it connects the male’s thumb and the female’s pinky. But at present-day it’s believed to be attached around the little finger of the two people. Moreover, relating to the legend, the matchmaker God, Yue Lao ties this string around the finger, who also happens to be in charge of marriages.

Just a Myth or More?

Although it’s a myth, some people have a strong belief in it, claiming they have even witnessed people living in totally different places and times are seen spending lives together and the way they met, is entirely a different story.  People often consider it a coincidence, how they met, and didn’t know each other, and then they had to spend their lives together, because of an invisible pull towards each other. So, is it just a myth? Or, there is an invisible string, that connects the two people, who are destined to be together.


There are some significant legends, that revolve around the belief of the Red string theory. One legend mentions an old man who lives on the moon and every night he comes out in search of spirits, that have a special connection with each other and are meant to be together, and after finding them, he ties an invisible red thread around their fingers, which helps them find each other on earth. Another legend states that one night a young boy while walking back home, sees an old man standing under the tree and staring at him, the boy gets confused, but he gets curious and walks toward that old man. Upon reaching him, the old man smiles at him and tells him that he is connected by an invisible thread to a girl, who will be his wife one day. The boy being young and ignorant throws a rock at the girl and shows the old man that he has no interest in her, laughs, and walks away. After years, the boy marries a girl chosen by his parents. So on the night, he gets married, he approaches his bride and removes her veil, and notices that she is a very beautiful woman, but wears an embellishment. The boy asks the girl, that why she wears it when she is already so beautiful. The girl tells him that when she was young, a boy threw a rock at her and it left a scar above her eyebrow. Now, she always wears it to hide it, and at that moment the boy realizes that she is the same girl, the old man told her about and how naive he was, to not take the old man seriously. One more legend that tells about the red string of fate revolves around a young girl who falls deeply in love with a boy and goes to announce her love for him. The boy sadly laughs at her and makes fun of her, the girl feels so embarrassed that she runs away and comes near a fountain and starts crying, she sees Yue Lao there, who tells her that, she and the boy both are meant to be together and eventually will meet each other because they are tied to an invisible red string, the girl, upon hearing it gets angry and runs off. As years went on, the girl grew up and become a woman and a man fall deeply in love with her and they both decide to marry. On their wedding day, the boy tells his bride about a girl who liked him and how insensitive he was to dismiss her. His bride sits stunned, which makes the boy realize that she is the same girl, and apologizes to her.

Not Just for Lovers

Although this theory is mostly connected with lovers and folklore also relates to myths about two different people, finally falling in love and spending life together. It’s not just limited to the love between a boy and a girl. Love for children, attachment to siblings, and having a true friend, all apply to the string of fate theory. People often part ways, it can be your kids, or a friend that leaves you for some reason and an invisible thread in some way brings you two together.

The Red String of Fate in Real Life

If you are interested in the string of fate theory and want to know more about it, then there are stories that you can on find on the internet about people who experienced the string of fate in real life, how they met their respective partners, and how strange the circumstances were, but an invisible pull kept them together.

The Red string and Judaism

In Jewish culture, the Red string is considered a talisman, which protects from the evil eye and brings good fortune. Certain beliefs are also connected to it, For example, if the string falls off, it means the wish you made when tying it, is about to be fulfilled. while cutting the string is considered a bad omen and may bring bad luck.


In short, the Red string theory or Red string of fate states that for two people who are emotionally and spiritually connected by an invisible cord, this thread can never break but can be stretched or it might get twisted or get tangled. This theory originated from Chinese culture and is believed in both Japan and Korea. There is a great deal of folklore related to the string of fate theory. The string of fate not just connects lovers, but also connects two individuals who in some way are affecting each other’s lives. There are some people who dismiss this theory, and there are some who have a strong belief in it. In some religions like Judaism, the Red string is considered a talisman for protection against the evil eye and to bring good fortune.