How to Deal With Toxic Friends

How To Deal with Toxic Friends Realizing that you are friends with someone who is toxic and not good for your mental health due to their behavior is a difficult phase to go through. You obviously do not want to lose them as a friend and you may love and care for them deeply but […]

21 Questions for a new relationship part 2

10. What makes you happy? Knowing what makes your partner happy is one of the most important things in a relationship and isn’t it better to just ask them right away about the things that bring them happiness rather than trying to find something yourself? It will also help you see what type of things […]

How to talk to a narcissistic husband

How To Talk to A Narcissistic Husband We live in a world where you must have heard the N-word quite a lot of times. With the rise in selfie culture, people being obsessed with social media, reels, and basically anything that can get them fame, there’s no way you haven’t heard someone calling out someone […]

What is an Empath and types of Empath

Do you think you feel more than you think or that your emotions often get the best of you? Would the people close to you describe you as sensitive? Does spending time with certain people make you feel drained? Do you avoid crowds and they make you anxious? This could mean you are an empath. […]

7 Signs you are a heyoka empath

Being an empath means you can understand and feel the emotions of others as well as their vibes and energy. Empaths are usually sensitive and emotions have a lot of impact on them. But did you know there are different types of empaths? You can either be an empath who starts feeling sad if they […]