5 Odd Signs That He Loves You

Indeed, relationships nowadays have become very difficult to handle. When we are giving 100% of our love, respect, time, and attention, in return we expect

Red String Theory

The Red string theory or Red thread of fate is believed to be an East Asian notion. It originated from Chinese mythology and is widely

Borderline Personality and Relationships

The mental illness known as a borderline personality disorder (BPD) has an impact on how a person interprets and responds to regular feelings and events.

What Does a Red Aura Mean

Every living creature has an aura, sometimes referred to as an invisible field of energy, which encircles them. The kind of vibration an individual emits determines the color of

What Does a Black Aura Mean

Knowing about Auras Aura is a spirited color that comprises energy that flows around every living or nonliving thing. Aura is a Greek word that

Feelings of I Do Not Feel Loved

We as humans want to feel loved. If we feel unloved by our partner, relationships or society and need more love than what we are

What is White Aura and Why is it Divine

Understanding Aura? Before we could cognize with “White Aura”, it is imperative to understand the Aura itself. We as social beings, often come across people

What Does a Purple Aura Mean

Many people in the spiritual world think that everyone has an aura, an energy field that emits a certain hue and surrounds them. While not

Guilty Conscience Meaning

Think about someone dropping $100 out of their wallet while going down the street. What is a stranger behind them supposed to do? Should they

Handling Losing Interest

When you experience a loss of interest, it could be more challenging to do the daily duties you need to complete. As a result, you

What is Hyper Independence and Trauma

“I am okay, I don’t need help, I can do it on my own.”“I don’t need anyone for anything”Are you one of those people who

How Soon is too Soon to Move in

When you love someone, you are tempted to move in with them and enjoy your time together, doing things you like together. This is the

How to Deal With Toxic Friends

How To Deal with Toxic Friends Realizing that you are friends with someone who is toxic and not good for your mental health due to

7 Signs you are a heyoka empath

Being an empath means you can understand and feel the emotions of others as well as their vibes and energy. Empaths are usually sensitive and

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