Being an empath means you can understand and feel the emotions of others as well as their vibes and energy. Empaths are usually sensitive and emotions have a lot of impact on them. But did you know there are different types of empaths? You can either be an empath who starts feeling sad if they see someone they care about sad or you can be an empath who is intuitive to the point that they can feel what another person is feeling without ever being told by that person.

One rare kind of empath is Heyoka Empaths, these are individuals who see the world differently and unconventionally. The word “Heyoka” means sacred clown and comes from the Native American Sioux tribe. They are often termed as the most powerful impact as they help others in seeing things differently. Heyoka Empaths act as mirrors which means they reflect the feelings and emotions of other people whether they be positive or negative. These are some of the traits commonly found in Heyoka Empaths and will help you analyze if you are one of them:

1. You Are an Empath:

The first thing that you, obviously, need to be a Heyoka Empath is to figure out if you are an empath. Empaths are usually pretty sensitive and fueled by emotions. They are also sensitive about the emotions of others. You will need to analyze your inner personality and how your mind works to figure out how you feel although chances are if you are an empath, you would already know it without much analysis.

2. People Are Affected by You:

If you think people react emotionally to you or people are really affected by you when you meet them even if it is for a short time, you are able to make an everlasting impact, then you are a Heyoka. Since Heyoka Empaths act as a mirror, people are usually drawn to them. They help people see who they really are by mirroring their personalities and emotions. Although reacting emotionally might not always come as positive, people sometimes may feel irritated or overwhelmed by you because you constantly remind them of themselves. While others might feel a huge amount of love for you, it all depends upon what type of person they are rather than depict anything about you.

3. Unconventional:

You stand out in a crowd and people usually say you are unique. Heyokas are unconventional and see the world in a different way than others. You usually go against the norm and challenge the conventional stuff everywhere, like social status, status quos, and societal norms. You always see things in a different light, always have different opinions than others, and your mind works in a completely different way. It can be said that Heyoka Empaths are a little rebellious, they stand strong in their decisions even when they know it goes against the norms. They do not feel the need to fit in or follow the lead instead they are perfectly content in being unique the way they are.

4. Highly Creative:

Due to their unconventional and unique personality, Heyoka Empaths always come up with new and creative ideas. They implement their creative thinking and thought processing in everything they do. Usually, Heyoka Empaths are found in creative fields and cannot work in an environment where they are not allowed any creative freedom. They are also drawn to out-of-the-box jobs and always come with ideas that are new, unconventional, and unique.

5. Sense Energy:

Some people feel energized and vibe more than others, they can sense the energy in a room as soon as they enter and it can also affect their moods. It is usually easier to sense negative energies since they are heavier and can harm Heyokas. Do you ever feel extremely uncomfortable or unpeaceful as soon as you enter a room or meet someone new? This means you are sensing the energy and it is a negative one. Similarly, do you ever feel instant joy and a calming effect when you enter some places or meet someone new? This means that it is positive energy and it often has a peaceful impact on us and we feel connected to the person we just met. If you learn to decipher these energies, it can be of great help to you in determining what type of a person someone is.

6. Enjoy Alone time:

Even though Heyoka Empaths are jokers and usually surrounded by people, it can easily drain their energy. For you to recharge, you always require some time alone. You enjoy solitude and feel perfectly happy in your own presence. Being an empath and sensing all that energy can be overwhelming and intense and this is why you really value your alone time where you can just be yourself and stay with your feelings rather than being ambushed by the feelings of others all the time. As a Heyoka Empath, you must take some time off so that you can protect your energy and peace of mind.

7. Emotionally Unpredictable:

Since you are always mirroring what others around you feel, your own emotions can be very unpredicted. Your loved ones and friends might have told you that you are very emotional or that they do not know how you might react to something. This is because, firstly, you feel everything at an extreme, be it happiness or sadness, or anger, and secondly, you are very open about your emotions which can be overwhelming for some people. You could be laughing without a care one second and then be crying the very next, it is because you feel the emotions of others and you are sensitive to their feelings.

As a Heyoka Empath, you are a natural healer and people feel comfortable sharing their feelings with you because you make them feel understood. Your ultimate goal in life is to help others come to terms with their feelings but you should not overlook your own feelings and put yourself second. What you have is truly a gift but you can also feel drained out and overwhelmed sometimes so remember to take a break and relax.